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• Fan type: Low-noise forward double-inlet centrifugal or plug type manufactured by Nicotra-Gebhardt with manufacturing standard DIN 19464-6.5.10 and Testing standard AMCA 210.
• With the fan and motor assembly mounted on a common base with shock absorber and the fan outlet isolated from the casing by a flexible connection and completely separated from moving parts. Moreover, the forward or plug fan may be selected according to the total air pressure drop and volume.
• Fan motor: The motor features IP55 and a type F insulation.
• Dampers: made of Aluminum airfoil-shaped profile with fibered polypropylene gears, easy installation of the motor in accordance with VDI 3803/1-5.2.9.
• Cooling and heating coils: tube material is copper and fin material is copper or aluminum. Fin arrangement is a V-waffled louvered enhanced type. The coating can be blue, gold, Heresite or hydrophilic to enhance the resistance against corrosion and humid and acidic environments in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.4.4.
• Filters of various filtering levels are available ranging from primary filters (Panel type, efficiency: G2-G4), to medium filters (Bag type, efficiency: M6 – F9), and to high filters (H13-H14-U15). Some special filters such as active carbon filters and UV lamps can also be provided. Filters are tested in accordance with DIN EN 779 and installed in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.9.2.
• Drain pan: made of painted galvanized steel or stainless-steel sheet. All sections of the unit are equipped with the drain pan.



• 11 different models of units within a range of airflow rate 1000-60000 CFM in two categories of Hygienic and Non-Hygienic types.
• The procedure of design, manufacturing, and providing equipment are in accordance with VDI 6022.
• The unit casing is made up of panels and frame. Panel construction is a double skin sandwich panel with 50-mm injected polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.2. In Hygienic models, panel inner skin is made of Stainless steel and in non-hygienic models is made of galvanized steel sheet coated by polyester electrostatic powder. Panel outer skin is made of galvanized steel sheet coated by PVC with 200-micron thickness. The frame is built by PROLAM aluminum profile certified by DIN EN 13779-8.2. The frame inner side surface is curved and smooth to avoid contamination deposition.
• Construction frame classifications in accordance with EN1886 are :
• Mechanical strength (-1,000 Pa): D1 (M)
• Mechanical strength (+1,000 Pa): D1 (M)
• Casing air leakage (- 400 Pa): L1 (M)
• Casing air leakage (+700 Pa): L1 (M)
• Thermal transmittance class: T2
• Thermal bridging class: TB1
• Filter class: F9
• The access door is equipped with an adjustable polyamide lock and hinge and sealing gasket suitable for negative and positive pressure conditions in accordance with VDI 3803/1-5.1.
• 40-cm Minimum width of the access door to access and inspect all sections of the unit in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.2.

دانلود کاتالوگ


• Controlling fan speed to compensate the excess pressure drop due to clogging and dirt of the filters using inverter and Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT)
• Controlling supply air temperature for energy saving and thermal comfort
• Controlling three-way and two-way valves with high precision (PID control)
• Humidity Adjustment using humidity sensor and humidifier solenoid valve controller with PWM method
• Connectable to HMI for monitoring and adjusting AHU parameters
• Controlling Anti-freeze protection thermostat to avoid starting the unit when the coil is frosted • Controlling return air quality (CO and air contaminants measuring)
• Controlling smoke detector to close dampers and stop the unit in the event of a fire
• Connectable to Building Management System (BMS) under protocols MOSBOS, ETHERNET, and RS485